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Since the advent of the internet, there have been lots of casinos that brought their business online. This is because, the cost of running an online casino is cheaper and the market to capture becomes wider.

However, the competition has become very intense because there are approximately 1500 casinos online. Because of this very intense competition, online casinos need to device a way to attract players.

One way that online casinos decided to attract players was to give free sign-up bonuses and other monthly offers. This does not only attract online slot players, but all other online gamblers as well.

However, there are other online games as well that lets you play for free and still earn real money. The online slots that give free bonus games give players the opportunity to do so.

Currently there are lots of slots that give players a free game bonus online. However those numbers were very scarce way back. Here is a list of the best options of slots that give players free bonuses.

Thunderstruck – lets the players win 15 free spins with a maximum jackpot of $150,000. Thunderstruck is the most popular slot game of Microgaming’s new line up of online slot game. Wins during the free games are paid at triple the pay table rate. The free games can also be won during bonus.

20,000 leagues lets players win up to 50 free games. The maximum jackpot for this online slot is $50,000. This online slot gives players the chance to win 50 free games with only a single spin. During the free spins, more free games can be won and all wins are doubled.

Thunderstruck and Spring Break are two of Microgaming’s different slots that let you win free games. Both of these games can offer the player to win 15 free games. These free games can also be re-triggered during the free bonus round.

A suggestion for playing online slots that offer free bonuses is to familiarize with the game rules and the pay table. This helps the player know what he or she should look for to get the free bonus round or different jackpot pays.

You will find that online slots that offer free game bonuses will let the player play the free games at a bet level you were playing when you hit the feature. It is recommended to once in a while play one or two usual spins higher than your usual bet.

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